Thai Journal of Public Administration Volume 12 Number 1


January – June 2014

Table of Contents

Editor’s Introduction


Decentralization Policy and Political Transition in Nepal
by Ajay Thapa

Threats and Opportunities of Globalization for Rural Development : Bangladesh Perspectives
by Md. Mizanur Rahman

Effects of Globalization on Working Women in the Private Sector of Bangladesh: A Study of the Garment Industry
by Mohammad RazaulKarim

FactorsAffecting the Training Transfer of Civil Servants: The case of Mongolia
by Tumentsogtoo Tumendemberel

Policy Design Problems of the Community Organization Council Act, B.E. 2551
by Acting Sub Lt. Anan Sittiwattananon

Anti-Corruption and Corruption Resolutions in Local Self-Government: A Case Study of Subdistrict Administrative Organizations (SAOs) in the Northeastern Region of Thailand
by Pratueng Moung-On, Achakorn Wongpreedee

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